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Glittertastic ~ Luxe Bath Bomb


These Unicorn Luxe Donut Bath Bombs are filled with a ton of glitter just like any Unicorn should be!

Our glitter is biodegradable!

Celebrate with this blend of rich, creamy vanilla and a scrumptious cake.

The "donut" is a bath bomb, the "flowers" are bubble bath and the "horn and ears" are soap.

This listing is for 1 Unicorn Luxe Bath Bomb.

Each Unicorn is aprox. 6+ oz and weight and colour does vary as these are handmade and unique.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, citric acid, grape seed oil, kaolin clay, polysorbate 80, witch hazel, powdered sugar, cream of tartar, SLSA, meringue powder, fragrance oil, skin safe colourant, glycerin soap embed, biodegradable glitter.

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